Why small businesses need to Use Video Marketing

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In an age where we are constantly exposed to a screen, the best way to market products is by using videos. It’s only logical to purchase a product whose functionality you understand. This isn’t even a generalization. Four in every five people have a higher likelihood of purchasing something they have seen working through a product video.

Making product videos is easy. With the constant advances in technology over the years, anyone can make a marketing video using a video camcorder or phone. The difficulty however is in enticing a large number of people to view it. For the best outcome, it is advisable to enlist the services of a professional. or Consider working with a reputable company that creates promotional videos in Ireland.

A great promotional strategy is associating a viral video to your brand. This will ensure that millions of people around the globe will watch it. The cons do outweigh the pros on this one, however. Viral videos are all about luck; capturing a moment in its rawest form, without scripting or prior rehearsals. Trying to make something to go viral may be counterproductive; producing a cringe-worthy video that may be repulsive to the viewers.

The best option is a more organized approach. By creating specific videos, the consumers may be looking for, you will manage to heat the nail straight on the head. You cannot simply go about the internet as a lone wolf and post videos in random manner. That would be wasting valuable time and energy.

What you need is a group of experts who have perfected the art of video editing and creating promotional materials. A group that is reputable for the quality it provides. What you need is Bubble Hub. We are experts in promotional video creation, video marketing, and web design Drogheda. We can help your business grow by establishing a strong presence on the internet for your products.

Improving your brand visibility

The web is a very crowded place. Everyone is trying to push his or her own agenda. Nowhere is this more evident than on YouTube and the social media platforms. Many people may be trying to advertise a similar product to yours. It has, therefore, become essential to position yourself at an angle where you are unique enough to stand out from your competitors, and not so different that consumers and interested people will not find you.

At Bubble Hub, we can help you create any promotional video Ireland. We develop the best videos and give you the best keywords to increase your rankings on YouTube. The result is that you face less competition for ranking on the search panel once a certain keyword is searched for, and your video can be viewed many times.


You need to create great videos for your marketing endeavors to remain relevant in this competitive world where technology has taken over virtually everything. So, contact us and we will give you the competitive edge you desire.

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Impact on social media platforms

In order for videos to gain a massive number of views on the leading social media platforms, they need to invoke raw emotions. Animal videos have the highest tendencies to trend because they showcase love and care. Videos that explain the functionality of items carry this aspect also, as they quench the curiosity of the audience by showing how something works.

The social media platforms provide a way to relax a bit while at work or in school. So, nobody wants their boss to find them using the company’s Wi-Fi to check their timeline or what is trending on Twitter. It has been noted that the majority of videos are watched while on mute for this reason. It is fundamental that you create videos that capture your audience preferable without reliance on audio.


The quality of your promotional videos also matters a lot. For Instagram and Facebook videos, Bubble Hub can provide the best video editing Ireland. We create audio-agnostic videos that will attract sizable audiences to your product.

You need to create great videos for your marketing endeavours to remain relevant in this competitive world where technology has taken over virtually everything. So, contact us and we will give you the competitive edge you desire.

Ronan O'Brien

Ronan O'Brien

Ronan O'Brien is senior UX/UI designer at Bubblehub Media by day and a musician by night. He loves to create, whether it be graphic design , a new website, a new song or anything where he gets to take an idea and bring it to life.

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