Why SEO Is More Important Than Ever – Especially During Covid-19

Why SEO Is More Important than Ever – Even During Covid-19

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has drastically changed the course of our lives. With the serious implications it has on people’s health, COVID-19 has significantly affected businesses and the economy. However, it’s not all doom and gloom for business owners, While the coronavirus has certainly devastated many businesses, some are still thriving, internet use has skyrocketed during this outbreak, and business owners have had to adapt, fast.

With so many businesses closed and with people unable to travel far, local search optimization is crucial. Local SEO tactics will help you to appear for “open now” and “near me” searches.

Since most business interactions now are happening online, here are some of the reasons why search engine optimization (SEO) is now more important than ever,  

1. SEO Brings Results as More Customers Shop Online

Due to the pandemic, many businesses have closed their physical locations and moved their businesses online. Similarly, most people are searching for information online, while the number of online purchases has also risen tremendously. As of March 2020, B2B brands, for example, had increased their website traffic figures by 13% from February. It is, therefore, the right time to invest in SEO and leverage from the increased online traffic. 

2. SEO Saves on Cost

Some methods of attracting traffic, such as email marketing and the use of social media come with additional costs. As a business owner, you might be operating on a tight budget, which calls for the need for low-cost channels such as SEO. This will allow you to attract traffic to your business without breaking the bank.   

3. SEO Has Positive Effect on a Brand Now and in the Future

If you incorporate SEO in your marketing now, you will feel the effects, even after the pandemic has ended. For example, if you use SEO-optimized content that is easily findable, properly indexed, and one that answers the common questions from customers, you will notice increased engagement in your website.

When the pandemic ends, the people who visit your site now are likely to continue engaging with you. Therefore, SEO strategies are fundamental in setting your future success. 

4There is More Support for Small Businesses Now

Lately, there has been a #supportsmallbusiness movement all over the U.S. as more people look to support local businesses over the big brands. As a business owner, you should adopt a SEO strategy that allows you to be reachable whenever people are looking to support local businesses.

5SEO Allows SMBs to be Competitive

For any small business, expanding the client base can be quite a challenge. However, a good SEO strategy will involve creating informative and quality content that informs and adds value to the readers. Whenever the readers are looking for a business to transact with, they are likely to engage you because they have already read your valuable content.

The Bottom Line

This is the right time to focus on SEO. As more customers turn to the online space to search for information and conduct business, you want your business to be at the forefront of providing solutions. This not only increases traffic to your site now, but it also sets your business for future success. 

Ronan O'Brien

Ronan O'Brien

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