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Aerial Photography

Get stunning videos in 4K UHD video or magazine-quality still photos to promote your properties, products, or services. Provide your customers with a truly engaging experience with a customized marketing video.

Aerial Drone Photography & Video

Drones now allow the capturing of images and videos from angles that were only available from helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft in the past. At BubbleHub, we pride ourselves on being one of the companies providing these revolutionary services. 

Some of our clients include construction companies, real estate agencies, property owners, and a variety of other businesses. Our combination of photography, videos, aerial views, and time-lapse allows us to come up with breath-taking visuals that meet the client’s needs.

Once the videos have been done, our in-house team does all the needed post-production. Our high definition outputs are the reason we are known for being one of the best for drone video services in Ireland.

Showcase your project with Aerial photography & drone video.

You can count on us to capture truly magnificent shots that let your project shine in all its glory. Aerial views allow your clients and other people who need to see the progress of your project to take a virtual tour. You will be able to showcase all the great features of your project from all the great angles.

Some of the reasons why you should choose our services include:

  • Our team is experienced in drone photography and videos
  • We have some of the best drones in the industry featuring the latest cutting edge technology
  • Truly eye-catching professional-quality photos and videos
  • We do postproduction tailored to your needs
  • Flexibility to fit your needs in terms of time, budget and other factors

Real Estate Video Tours

Gone are the days when people had to physically visit several properties while looking for one to buy. Now, most searches are done online. Their decision will, therefore, rely on how detailed your listing is of the property. A real estate video tour is a great way to display all the essential features of your property and stand better chances of selling.

We combine drone videography, photography, and editing to deliver truly immersive real estate video tours. We let the potential buyer see the property from different angles to help them make a decision faster. At BubbleHub, our goal is to give you a competitive advantage so that you sell faster.

Our Approach

Running a business deserves all your attention, and that’s why we make our services as straightforward as possible. Once you contact us with the location of the shoot and your goals, we dive right into getting permission from IAA. It may take up to 3 days.

After we get permission, we can discuss with you about the timings, camera angles, and other details. We then schedule the shoot to a time that is most convenient for you. Besides convenience, we also consider the weather conditions. Our team then does the shoot at the set time.

Finally, we do post-production on the captures from aerial photography and videography. With all the services under one roof, you never have to worry about hiring multiple companies. You, therefore, get enhanced high-quality outputs that are a true definition of excellence in drone photography.

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